Orfila Forum Dinner. 26/01/2012

Orfila Forum Dinner

26th January 2012

Hotel Orfila (Calle Orfila nº 6, 28010 Madrid)

Presiding: Mr. Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio, Managing Partner of Álvarez-Ossorio Miller & Co. and President of the Orfila Forum.

Guest: Mr. Juan Manuel Moreno, Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Equality of our current Government.

Accompanied by members of Álvarez-Ossorio Miller & Co. Abogados ,Mr. Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio Gálvez, Managing Partner, D. Carlos Tobías Rodríguez, Tax Inspector on Leave of Absence and Director of the Fiscal, Taxation and Finance Department and Mr. Ramón Ongil Cores, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, from 1st of November of 2011 through to 29th of February of 2012.

Cena Foro Orfila