Mission, Vision and Values

Asian Desk mission is to deliver legal advice to the Chinese business community in Spain and also, to help the Chinese investors to find suitable ways to make partners and projects within the country. Due to cultural and linguistic differences, finding partners and doing business at our local market can become a real challenge. Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. mission is to become the bridge between the Chinese business community and the Spanish market.

Times have changed, in 1980 was邓小平 (Pinyin: Deng 4Xiao3Ping2) as the PR of China President who changed the market vision settled by毛泽东主一 (Pinyin: Mao2Ze2Dong1 Zhu3Yi1). 邓小平 (Pinyin: Deng 4Xiao3Ping2) opened the doors of the China market to the world. Now is our turn, to open our doors to Chinese companies and investors. Since 1984邓小平 (Pinyin: Deng 4Xiao3Ping2) started a brand new period in Chinese history, the so called rising of the giant. The spirit of this era is summarized in the well known statement “管黑猫白猫, 能捉老鼠就是好猫In English: “No matter the cat is either black or white as long as he catches mouses is a good cat” (Pinyin: Guan3Hei1Mao1Bai2Mao1, Neng2Zhuo1Lao3Shu3Jiu4Shi4Hao3Mao1).

Today, thirty years after, seven Chinese companies out of ten have overseas markets on their short term goals. Most Chinese companies have international expansion on their agendas. And predictably the “me too” effect will made others to follow in the mid run.

The Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. Asian Desk is determined to become a broad and holistic multidisciplinary bridge between Chinese business community and Spain. This bridge will generate business synergies between the two markets.