Pensions/Banking Internal Equity

Fondo Interno de Pensiones/Banca

Over the years the Firm has become specialised in these types of claims and, nowadays, is one of the greatest experts in the strategy and technique involved in these types of proceedings,enjoying the trust and confidence of a collective of over 300 people.

In these proceedings the law under which rights are sought to be recognised is that of the right of an individual to the legal reserve in his/her name and to his/her account within the “Internal Equity” that the defendant entities established to guarantee the payment of their commitments for pensions supplementary to Social Security, in the specific event that the contractual relationship of the employee is extinguished for reasons other than retirement, death or permanent disability.

Therefore, and along general lines, in this type of proceedings, ownership is claimed and, consequently, the right to mobilise the provisions which, in the names of old employees, have been made by the company into a so-called “Internal Equity Fund” to guarantee payment of the afore-mentioned supplementary provisions for retirement, disability, widow’s pension, orphan’s pension, established in their respective Collective Agreements.