Asian Desk

Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. since its foundation in 1998, its delivering first class legal advisory services. Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. delivers services on broad fields of the law practice. This are our areas of practice:
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Commercial, Finance and Banking
  • Competition and Anti Trust
  • Industrial and Intellectual property
  • Restructuring & insolvency
  • Pensions provisions, trustees &  retirement benefits
  • Family and Ecclesiastical duties

 Since its foundation in 1998 Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. implemented confidentiality, and tailor made solutions for every case as the firm core values. Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. understands the challenges of the new global economy from a forefront position. By this token, Álvarez Ossorio Miller & Co. following the needs of the new global law services market decided to open a new legal advisory line within the firm: The Asian Desk.