Ever since Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio set up the Firm in 1998, he gained, thanks to his previous professional experience, the trust of a large group of old bank employees who sought to defend their interests in one of the most technical and complicated employment claims in recent times.

Over the years the Firm has become specialised in these types of proceedings and, nowadays, is one of the leading experts in the strategy and technique required for these types of proceedings, enjoying the trust of a collective of over 300 people.


Basically, in these types of proceedings the ownership and, consequently, the right to mobilise the provisions which, in the names of old employees, have been made by the company into a so-called “Internal Equity Fund” to guarantee payment of the afore-mentioned supplementary provisions for retirement, disability, widow’s pension, orphan’s pension, established in their respective Collective Agreements

Since at least 1991, banking entities have been obliged by Regulation 4/91 from the Bank of Spain, to set up the afore-mentioned “Internal Equity Funds” into which they must annually pay provisions for each of their employees in accordance with actuarial calculations..