History of La Quinta

Following the philosophy conveyed by the Firm since 1998, we have experienced significant growth in recent years, but its objective is not, nor has it ever been, to grow just for the sake of it.

Fighting for the interests of our clients has opened up areas in which to display assets additional to their interests, reveal the predominance of quality and exhibit a seal of quality in which they may continue to place their trust.

The lawyers of the firm have made use of their national and international contacts to identify and generate different business opportunities for our clients.  This project led to the birth of La Quinta Global Investment. This department establishes even greater links between clients and the firm and develops new frameworks and tools for ensuring the better exploitation of opportunities.

Quality, dynamism, rigour and innovation to cover all the needs of our clients and to be an asset of great value and trust for the development of all their business activities is the principal objective of this department. Our business vocation is born not because we provide comprehensive advice to companies, but because we are a company and we understand the priorities of our clients and the times we are living in, as well as pro-action when it comes to developing common business plans and projects, and to this effect the greatest exponent of La Quinta is to contribute added value to our clients.

Historia La Quinta

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