The added value on the firm

Álvarez -Ossorio Miller & Co., in order to get a better penetration in the chinese comunity has decided to translate the firm’s name.  Álvarez- Ossorio Miller & Co. is 安德华 (Pinyin: An1De2Hua2) for the Chinese community.

The trademark is one of the assets for success within the Chinese community. Nowadays is for all well known that one of the keys for success of global companies has been the name. Companies such as cola refreshments and burger meals, very well implemented in the Chinese market knew that.

In Álvarez- Ossorio Miller & Co.  we also have this important key in mind. Penetrating in the chinesse community can be complicated due to cultural and linguistic fences. In Álvarez- Ossorio Miller & Co., we have that in mind. In order to avoid some of these fences, we have relied on a named Chinese painter in calligrapher to assist Álvarez- Ossorio Miller & Co. on this matter.

The process of choosing the name has been developed following these criteria:

First of all we have regarded the working values within the firm. And, we have translated these western values in to their equivalent values in Chinese mentality such as:

  • Pacific resolution of matters through mediation
  • To repair a broken negotiation
  • To rebalance harmony
  • Conflict resolution through morality basis
  • Art.24 of the Spanish constitution:
    •  Impartiality of justice and trial of impartial judge.
  • Morality on Confucius德 (Pinyin: De2).
  • Confucius main book, The analects, 论语 (Pinyin: Lun2 Yu3). The rising of morality and honesty

Secondly, we have taken the Spanish name of the firm and the name of the Head Equity Partner Mr. Antonio Alvarez Ossorio in Chinese and followed phonetic similarities.

Thirdly, the basic knowledge of the Taoist fortune and the right balance of the yin yang.

Finally, we made a stamp with the Chinese name of the firm, at the甲骨文 (Pinyin: Jia3 Gu3Wen2) writing style, to serve the firm as our distinctive trademark.